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Store seeks only “Good Looking People”

Ambercombie and Fitch is a retail store that is only seeking what they consider “Good Looking People” I never shop at this retail store; so i was unaware of the kinds of clothing they sold or the sizes that they refuse to sell. According to this article Ambercombie and Fitch dont make clothes for plus size people. this is asinine.

In a statement they said they are seeking cool kids and they dont consider plus size women a part of that group. what i dont understand who is they to decide who is cool or not; or who is considered good looking. A petition have been is placed on for anyone that is considering boycotting against this company.
it seems that Ambercombie and Fitch is no stranger to constrovery at all. In 2002 they were selling thongs for young girls that said “eye candy” and “wink wink” that is a bad message for young girls so they were forced to discontinue those particular underwear.


Weight Watchers

55 In a series of pictures that this women took over a course of a year; she begin her version of weight watchers. it all begin when she noticed people makiing fun of her size while she was aboard in Barcelona. So over the a span of a year she would set up a camera to take pictures of the people mocking the way that see looks.

No one should have to deal with something like this. From the pictures that she took and the article it is a reoccuring problem from her. People from both sexes are making fun of this women, which was surprising to me, because i feel women should be more considerate to other women.

I feel this women did a good job at capturing the humiliation that she is recieving from others. She made a bad situation into a positive one. Her article is recieving national attention and the people that are reading this that might have mocked a plus women before may no longer do it becasue of this article.

Brutal Rapes In India

untitled The latest victim to rape in India is a 5 year old girl. While being treated at the hospital the doctors found candle pieces and a bottle in her gentitals. This is just one of many cases; according to the article just like this happen all the time: from gang rapes, to dads raping their daughters. the women decided to go to the streets and protest about what is being done to them.

This past december when a women was raped on a bus that brought international attention, stricter laws was suppose to be put in place, but nothing really seemed to change.

In india women are facing a number of challanges. Police officers are being bribed not to report rape incidents. So with rape going unreported no one really knows how bad the situation may be. THe gender issues in India is deep rooted. Men have the mind set that they are superior and the status of the women in the country has a negative affect.

The girls in the country are scared to walk to amd from school, afraid to use the public restrooms because they are so vulnerable of being attacked by an older guy. Why should these girls be afraid? Something needs to be done to these men that are abusing, torturing and raping these women and children no one should be afraid to leave their homes alone.

14 year old forced to get Pregnant

A mother desparate to have another child forces her 14 year old daughter to get pregnant. Thats not even the worst part the mother purchased the semen over the internet. The mother has two adopted daughters currently and was denied the oppurtunity to get a third, so that was her reason for doing this. She used forged documents in order to recieve the semen and she attempted 6 times to get adopted child pregnant. THe mom has been convicted of child cruelty and is serving 5 years in prison.

When i first read the title of this article i thought it was about some type of tradition that different cultures did; and the gorl resisting; and to read that it was a mom doing it to ger daughter because she wanted a kid is horrifying. As you see the mom went through extreme measures to get it done. im glad the mom did get caught and i hope no other girl have to go through something like this.


7Who really knows what teenagers are texting about now. This article suggest that a small protion of teens are engaging in sexting. Sexting can lead to risky sexual behavior. According to this article teenagers that chooses to participate in sexting are at a higher risk of getting a sexual transmitted disease. Some teens say prefer sexting over actual sex because it is safer.

There is a number of different problems that teenagers are not aware of until it happens to them. when teenagers send pictures of their body parts through text messages or even email; it leaves them vulnerable for their peers to see. More than likely the person receiving these pictures will show someone else.

That would be the begining of slut shaming; which has an enormous impact on someone life. Slut shamimg has lead to suicides, and teenagers dropping out of school.

Sexting may not just effect you but the ones around you. Becasue teenagers believe that their friends are doing they will do it.

Gay athletes in sports

brja Brittney Griner on the left is maybe the most dominant women’s college basketball player of all time. She just finish a remarkable career at Baylor University. She was drafted into the wnba with the Number 1 overall pick; that was no surprise to anyone.

During interviews she was asked about her sexual orientation, and she admitted to being gay. She says that she is comfortable, with and everyone seems to to be ok with it. In women sports its not as big of a deal as in men sports. Jason Collins on the last just made history this week in men’s sports.

He became the first active player in any of the four major sport (NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL) to come out as being gay. Other players have said they was gay before, but they waited until they were retired to announce it. Jason first broke the news to to sports illustrated, and have been featured on numerous talks shows and radio interviews ever since.

Collins seems to be getting a lot of support from players around the lead, executives, and management. the problem now is that collins is a free agent; meaning that he currently does not have a team to play for, so the challenge would be what team would be willing to sign him now, knowing that he is gay and how would his teammates feel about sharing a locker room with him

Girl Commits Suicide

Audrie-Pott-jpg Coincidently a day after we talked about sexual harrasment this artical comes out. Girl Commit suicide after being sexual battered while passed out. 8 months ago this girl was passed out at a party and allegely she was assualted. Days later the guys posted a pictures of the assualt on the internet making her life a living hell. 8 days after the incident she posted on facebook that her life was ruined before taking her own life. This is such a sad story because no one should ever have to go through something like that. not only did she suffer for 8 days following the incident, but the family had to suffer for a 8 months wondering why their daughter would take her life at such a young.

this past thursday the sheriff department following brought closure to the family. Audrie pott was unconcious laying on the bed at one of her friends parties. Three teen guys took advantage of her taking photos and sharing them with others. The sheriff department is charging three students with 2 felonies and 1 misdemeanor. It took an extensive investigation in order to bring justice to the teenage girl.

On another note I would like to say whoever provided the alcohol should be charged also. High school students are not old enough to purchase liquor, so someone had to provide it for them. the house owners where the party took place should be charged also. I know teenagers are going to sneak and do illegal things, some not as extreme as this one because this led to a girls commiting suicide, so i feel some adults should be charged also. i am glad that the sheriff department didnt give up on the case.