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Woman Fired for being Attractive?

April 6, 2013


I had read this article about a year or two ago and i thought i would look it back up for the class. Melissa Nelson was a dental assitant in Iowa and was fired for being too attractive. (Woman fired for being Attractive) yes you read that correctly she was fired from her job for being attractive.

Mellisa was an assitant for 10 years befor getting fired. She thought it would be her career job before it came to an end. The Dentist James Knight said he fired he to save his marriage. When I first read about this case a few years ago I was shocked. The the issue went to court and Iowa State system agreed with the Employer.Justice Edward Mansfield wrote “that such firings are not unlawful discrimination because they are motivated by feelings and emotions, not gender.” This has to be the most bizzare cases I have ever heard of.

From what I read in the past the woman never wore provacative clothing and adultry was never committed. So where do the Judge justify in firing this women. I have the slightest Idea. She had already worked for the guy for 10 years and nothing never happened. what do they expect for the women to some how make herself unattractive. If anything he and his wife should address the insecruity issues that they may have. Because the women never did anything wromg to lose her job, or is it a law that states female assistants cannot be attractive to employers that married.

Melissa and her attorney did file an appeal and hopes to get the ruling over turned.


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  1. The ruling is extremely odd to me as well. I feel like there is no connection with her actions and his feelings, making it unfair to fire her. I feel like if she was pursuing him and she knew he had feelings for her even though he was married it would be a different story. I hope to see that this case is overturned!

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