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Girl Commits Suicide

April 14, 2013

Audrie-Pott-jpg Coincidently a day after we talked about sexual harrasment this artical comes out. Girl Commit suicide after being sexual battered while passed out. 8 months ago this girl was passed out at a party and allegely she was assualted. Days later the guys posted a pictures of the assualt on the internet making her life a living hell. 8 days after the incident she posted on facebook that her life was ruined before taking her own life. This is such a sad story because no one should ever have to go through something like that. not only did she suffer for 8 days following the incident, but the family had to suffer for a 8 months wondering why their daughter would take her life at such a young.

this past thursday the sheriff department following brought closure to the family. Audrie pott was unconcious laying on the bed at one of her friends parties. Three teen guys took advantage of her taking photos and sharing them with others. The sheriff department is charging three students with 2 felonies and 1 misdemeanor. It took an extensive investigation in order to bring justice to the teenage girl.

On another note I would like to say whoever provided the alcohol should be charged also. High school students are not old enough to purchase liquor, so someone had to provide it for them. the house owners where the party took place should be charged also. I know teenagers are going to sneak and do illegal things, some not as extreme as this one because this led to a girls commiting suicide, so i feel some adults should be charged also. i am glad that the sheriff department didnt give up on the case.


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  1. I have personally seen the damage done by distributing defamatory pictures of people, and am not proud to say that one of my high school teams was the perpetrator for a similar act of harassment. People think that its really funny to do this, and they have no sympathy for the person being tarnished, and it drove in this case a young girl to kill herself, all because of harassment in high school. I think more cases like this need national attention, especially the part where the 3 guys get thrown into prison to show other teenagers that you will lose your freedom if you engage in disgusting acts like this. Good post!

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