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Gay athletes in sports

May 2, 2013

brja Brittney Griner on the left is maybe the most dominant women’s college basketball player of all time. She just finish a remarkable career at Baylor University. She was drafted into the wnba with the Number 1 overall pick; that was no surprise to anyone.

During interviews she was asked about her sexual orientation, and she admitted to being gay. She says that she is comfortable, with and everyone seems to to be ok with it. In women sports its not as big of a deal as in men sports. Jason Collins on the last just made history this week in men’s sports.

He became the first active player in any of the four major sport (NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL) to come out as being gay. Other players have said they was gay before, but they waited until they were retired to announce it. Jason first broke the news to to sports illustrated, and have been featured on numerous talks shows and radio interviews ever since.

Collins seems to be getting a lot of support from players around the lead, executives, and management. the problem now is that collins is a free agent; meaning that he currently does not have a team to play for, so the challenge would be what team would be willing to sign him now, knowing that he is gay and how would his teammates feel about sharing a locker room with him


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