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14 year old forced to get Pregnant

May 9, 2013

A mother desparate to have another child forces her 14 year old daughter to get pregnant. Thats not even the worst part the mother purchased the semen over the internet. The mother has two adopted daughters currently and was denied the oppurtunity to get a third, so that was her reason for doing this. She used forged documents in order to recieve the semen and she attempted 6 times to get adopted child pregnant. THe mom has been convicted of child cruelty and is serving 5 years in prison.

When i first read the title of this article i thought it was about some type of tradition that different cultures did; and the gorl resisting; and to read that it was a mom doing it to ger daughter because she wanted a kid is horrifying. As you see the mom went through extreme measures to get it done. im glad the mom did get caught and i hope no other girl have to go through something like this.


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  1. This is terrible and it honestly makes me feel like I want to cry. To think a mother would do this to her child.. I think the mom should be in prison much longer than that. I can’t even imagine how terrified that young girl was. The mother did a selfish act, and I am so happy that she was caught!! She should have been grateful for the two daughters that she was able to adopt. I feel so bad for that little girl!

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