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Brutal Rapes In India

May 9, 2013

untitled The latest victim to rape in India is a 5 year old girl. While being treated at the hospital the doctors found candle pieces and a bottle in her gentitals. This is just one of many cases; according to the article just like this happen all the time: from gang rapes, to dads raping their daughters. the women decided to go to the streets and protest about what is being done to them.

This past december when a women was raped on a bus that brought international attention, stricter laws was suppose to be put in place, but nothing really seemed to change.

In india women are facing a number of challanges. Police officers are being bribed not to report rape incidents. So with rape going unreported no one really knows how bad the situation may be. THe gender issues in India is deep rooted. Men have the mind set that they are superior and the status of the women in the country has a negative affect.

The girls in the country are scared to walk to amd from school, afraid to use the public restrooms because they are so vulnerable of being attacked by an older guy. Why should these girls be afraid? Something needs to be done to these men that are abusing, torturing and raping these women and children no one should be afraid to leave their homes alone.


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