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May 9, 2013

7Who really knows what teenagers are texting about now. This article suggest that a small protion of teens are engaging in sexting. Sexting can lead to risky sexual behavior. According to this article teenagers that chooses to participate in sexting are at a higher risk of getting a sexual transmitted disease. Some teens say prefer sexting over actual sex because it is safer.

There is a number of different problems that teenagers are not aware of until it happens to them. when teenagers send pictures of their body parts through text messages or even email; it leaves them vulnerable for their peers to see. More than likely the person receiving these pictures will show someone else.

That would be the begining of slut shaming; which has an enormous impact on someone life. Slut shamimg has lead to suicides, and teenagers dropping out of school.

Sexting may not just effect you but the ones around you. Becasue teenagers believe that their friends are doing they will do it.


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  1. I don’t understand why people do this. The is no reason to send nude pictures to another person. Truth being, I bet that 75% or more that the pictures will be resent. It just isn’t worth the chance of being bullied. In reality this isn’t safe because there is such a higher chance for people to be hurt, and I wish that they would realize this…

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