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Weight Watchers

May 10, 2013

55 In a series of pictures that this women took over a course of a year; she begin her version of weight watchers. it all begin when she noticed people makiing fun of her size while she was aboard in Barcelona. So over the a span of a year she would set up a camera to take pictures of the people mocking the way that see looks.

No one should have to deal with something like this. From the pictures that she took and the article it is a reoccuring problem from her. People from both sexes are making fun of this women, which was surprising to me, because i feel women should be more considerate to other women.

I feel this women did a good job at capturing the humiliation that she is recieving from others. She made a bad situation into a positive one. Her article is recieving national attention and the people that are reading this that might have mocked a plus women before may no longer do it becasue of this article.


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