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Woman Fired for being Attractive?


I had read this article about a year or two ago and i thought i would look it back up for the class. Melissa Nelson was a dental assitant in Iowa and was fired for being too attractive. (Woman fired for being Attractive) yes you read that correctly she was fired from her job for being attractive.

Mellisa was an assitant for 10 years befor getting fired. She thought it would be her career job before it came to an end. The Dentist James Knight said he fired he to save his marriage. When I first read about this case a few years ago I was shocked. The the issue went to court and Iowa State system agreed with the Employer.Justice Edward Mansfield wrote “that such firings are not unlawful discrimination because they are motivated by feelings and emotions, not gender.” This has to be the most bizzare cases I have ever heard of.

From what I read in the past the woman never wore provacative clothing and adultry was never committed. So where do the Judge justify in firing this women. I have the slightest Idea. She had already worked for the guy for 10 years and nothing never happened. what do they expect for the women to some how make herself unattractive. If anything he and his wife should address the insecruity issues that they may have. Because the women never did anything wromg to lose her job, or is it a law that states female assistants cannot be attractive to employers that married.

Melissa and her attorney did file an appeal and hopes to get the ruling over turned.


Over the past month I have watched a number of different movies. For the most part they were from a multitude of genres. As i watched the movies Safe Haven, Zero Dark Thirty, Trouble with the Curve just to name a few, i observed and evaluated the Bechdel test. The Bechdel test looks at three components in the movie. Are there two or more women in the movie with names, do they talk to each other, and do they talk to each about something besides. The three points most be present in the movie in order to pass the Bechdel test.Safe Haven (2013) Poster

The three movies i listed above would fail the Bechdel test. In two of the three movies only one female was present throughout the film,and the other film the women talked about men. I never noticed the lack of women in the type of movies that i watch. I prefer to watch action movies and the only time a woman is being shown is for sexualization which is quite shocking.


AFTER  our discussion in class about how the media effects our society/cuture i been looking at things through a different lens. I have been paying close attention to more favorite sports network, tv shows I watch, and the movies that I purchase. Not all but most of the tv shows and movies I watch display women as sex symbols. The sexualization that is taking place in media is overwhelming, but I always dturned a blind eye to it because it is what I was use to seeing.

Another thing that I noticed while I was evaluating my movies, tv, and sport shows one common factor is all the women can be catergorized as being skinny. I have not seen a bigger women on tv in weeks and thats not by coincidence. Bigger women are the minority in the media and its a rare occasion when I see one on tv.